Yeah For Breastfeeding!!!

Drew is Sick ... Really sick. I'm guessing with some kind of flu and now he has a sius infection throat infection and chest infection to boot. So bad he woke up coughing and in pain that couldn't be tamed at 4AM. I'm thankful to our drug plan as Drew has a couple hundred dollars of drugs to make him better.

Back when I was about 25 weeks pregnant I took a "Homeopathic Flu Shot" (Made by Dolisos - About $11) while pregnant It was a homeopathic remedy that you disolve under the tounge that was made from the flu shot... this is the Second flu I have escaped that Drew has had. His first one he had back in December while on a car trip to Windsor. I'm crediting my wellness to this remedy since it's usually me who is sick and Drew who is healthy.

Thankfully, Aedan is reciving antibodies from me through my milk! So as sick as Drew is, The Dr says it is unlikley that Aedan will get it.

Get better soon Drew!

Keep on chugging that milk Aedan!

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