9 Weeks

I havn't updated in a while cause I have been SO TIRED. After I last posted I have also gone through a few weeks of nausea, it has let up slightly for now, I'm hoping it stays away. All I have to fight now is the desire to crawl into my bed and stay there.

My baby has made quite the developments over this past couple weeks, here is a description borrowed from the internet:

The crown-to-rump length of your baby is about 1.25 to 1.68 inches (between 3.1 and 4.2cm). He weighs about 0.18 ounces (5g).

The placenta is now producing progesterone which helps to make nutrients for your developing baby.

Your baby has passed the stage when he is most susceptible to damage. By the end of this week, the danger zone for congenital abnormalities has passed.

The plan for your baby's body has been completely laid down by now. Further growth and cell division will build on this plan.

Taste and tooth buds have appeared.

Your baby has recently developed fingers and toes which are now well-formed. Ankles, wrists and the inner ear have formed. Your baby's nose is flat and his eyes are far apart. His eyes, ears, mouth and nose are all recognizable. The tail is disappearing.

Your baby is moving around the amniotic sac, and moving his feet and ankles. You still will not be able to feel these movements but you may be able to see them on an ultrasound.

Blood is circulating through the arteries and the vein of the umbilical cord.

The brain of your baby is developing at a phenomenal rate. About one quarter of a million new neurons are produced every single minute at this stage in your pregnancy.

If your baby is a boy, his testes, though they are not even clearly visible, are already producing testosterone.

Your baby is no longer called an embryo, but rather a fetus.

My Baby this week!

My baby is 0.16 to 0.2 inches long (4-5mm) when measured from crown to rump. It is now identifiable as a human baby.

The limb buds are growing rapidly, developing into little fins with nodules at the ends which will eventually become fingers and toes. The arms have already differentiated into hand and shoulder segments.

The cerebral hemispheres of the brain are growing, and the eyes and nostrils are appearing. My baby's heart bulges from its body and the heart chambers are divided and formed. Blood vessels now circulate blood throughout the whole body. The head looks large and is bent on the chest.

My baby's face is forming, but its eyes are on the sides of its head and are still sealed. The discs that will become my baby's eyes will move over to the front of the face over the course of the next few months.

Bone cells are beginning to develop and the outline of the baby's nervous system is complete. The pigment in my baby's eyes can be seen under the skin overlaying them. By this point there is also a pancreas and an appendix. The tail is still visible, but it will soon fade. The umbilical cord is growing and the placenta is maturing as well.

6 Weeks!

I'm officially 6 weeks yesterday!

I Have been SO TIRED. I nap whenever I can. I go to sleep, wake up, empty my bladder, eat somthing, drink somthing, go back to sleep.

If I don't sleep, or I get woken, I get weepy I've burnned through a few tissue boxes. It's not over anything in particular, purly hormonal. Although the new theme seems to be my lack of courage. My new hobby seems to be doubting myself! - this is going to have to change-

When I start getting weepy, I feel so separate from everyone, lonley, and like I'm bad for not truly apreciating this gift given to us.I feel almost cowardly. Then when I went over to Jens house yesterday afternoon, she was all weepy too! ( sorry Jen for outing you on that) Sounds weird, but I'm glad I'm not the ony one crying. I'm nervous to be pregnant now, I don't know what to expect, how strong it will be, how fast or slow everything will seem to go. I guess this is normal for # 1.

I'm still happy to be pregnant. I definetly want a child,You never know what your syptoms will be. I guess this is going to be the rough part for me. Although if I don't get that "I loved being pregant " feeling. I may not try for # 2 if this is what I remember of my pregnancy. I couldn't do this chasing a todler! This is all consuming.

Anyway, I've eaten and Drank,emptied my bladder, - so it's back to bed with me!

Misery Loves Company

Jen is pregnant too! While I'm super happy for her and Adam, I'm even MORE happy to have a friend along for the ride. More of a selfish happy that I don't need to summon all the courage on my own! ( Arn't I such a good friend??)

We can do this!

Congratz Adam And Jen!
So I May have ruined the suprise for Drew to tell his parents, But atleast I feel involved in telling them!

My MSN conversation with my Father in Law tonight!

Scott says:
Whats with the WHOOO HOOOO!
Becca..... WHOOO HOOOO! says:
Drew will tell you when he comes over tonight
Scott says:
Okay, Keeping us in suspense....
Becca..... WHOOO HOOOO! says:
Scott says:
Becca..... WHOOO HOOOO! says:
Can you take the suspence? Drew hates suprises....
Scott says:
Yah, I can take the suspense.
Scott says:
Lorie on the other hand, want's a hint RIGHT NOW!
Becca..... WHOOO HOOOO! says:
Drew is on the phone with me and he says NO HINTS
Becca..... WHOOO HOOOO! says:
and now I know where Drew gets it
Scott says:
Oooooh, Which one of them were you saying can't handle surprises
Becca..... WHOOO HOOOO! says:
Drew is now forbidding me to talk to you cause he doesn't think I can keep secrets
Becca..... WHOOO HOOOO! says:
And he never gets to have suprises so he doesn't want me ruining it
Becca..... WHOOO HOOOO! says:
Any way I have to go and Drew will be there in about a half hour
Becca..... WHOOO HOOOO! says:
Becca..... WHOOO HOOOO! says:
Scott says:
Okay, Sitting on pins and needles. But I'll wait for Andrew to spring the surprise. I'm signing off now and will wait in the driveway in a lawn chair being eaten by mosquitos. And when I look like a need a blood transfusion or I've been rolling in poison ivy,....
I told my Mom Today, She was excited, but seemed a little stunned, I'm sure it will really sink in in a couple more days

this is the poem we gave her and will give my Father and Drews Parents as well.


I do not have a face to see,
Or put inside a frame.
I do not have soft cheeks to kiss.
I don't yet have a name.

You can't yet hold my tiny hands,
Nor whisper in my ear.
It's still too soon to sing a song,
Or cuddle me so near.

But all will change come January 27th,
Thats when they say I'm due.
I'm your new grandchild,
I can't wait till I meet you!

All I ask between now and then,
Is your patience while I grow.
I promise I'll be worth the wait,
Because of all the love we'll know.

So have a happy day,
A wish to you from me.
I can't wait to be a part,
Of this wonderful family!

The Dr. Apointment.

The usual Dr. I see wasn't there and his usual backup was called into the hospital for an emergency. The Dr. I saw was like so you know your pregnant why Are you here? I said to make sure my arrangments and referral to the Dr. who wil deliver my baby. And because the Nusre said I should come in. For blood tests

He flat out said that wouldn't be done until 8 weeks.We were stunned at how he seemed to go against My Family Dr. wishes! I told him about the cramps he was like " That happens, %25 of all pregnancies end in some kind of miscarriage don't be suprised if that happens" we asked what we should do about it he said wait it out a loss this early donsnt require a D&C and it's not really that big of a deal!?!

He said he doesn't see people before 8 weeks and us being there was pointless. Our treatment and his bedside manner was SO BAD . I left that office feeling completly stupid for even going. I felt talked down to and he treated my like some kind of hypochandric. Then I realized he didn't even peek at my blood type if the worse did happen, he didnt order another Beta like the Nurse said was wanted, or check to see if cramps were a Urinary Tract Infection wich is common in Early pregnancy. We were pretty angry. I'll call my regular Dr. when he is back in next week. Chances are though that he will call me when he sees that second beta that he wanted wasn't done. After the apointment Drew went to work ( 40 min drive away from home in St. Catharines) and we woudn't be going back home till he was done at 9:30 at night. I thought I was gonna be OK and told him to just leave me at my Moms house, She was gone for the afternoon. about 30 seconds after Drew was out of the driveway I was in absolute tears and that %25 statistic kept ringing in my ears. I felt like I was gonna fall apart! I kept trying to pull myself together.

Finally I called a good friend ( Jen) who was one of my bridesmaids who thankfully was home. I really needed someone to come get me and distract me for the day cause I was not having a good day, and being sad would just make the situation worse. She did, and thankfully, She is such an amazing friend! We played video games went for a walk on the Lakeshore, she showed me her projects she was working on and we drove around and she talked alot, I needed the air filled with words of distraction. She made me feel tonnes better. I Didn't tell her I was pregnant. I sort of wish I did. But it's not time yet, I havn't even told my mom.

The cramps have minimized a little this evening and we are hoping we can chalk them up to "abdominal pressure" like is mentioned in the book "what to expect when your expecting" I'm so happy my boobs stopped hurting, but I woke up to them not fitting a single bra I own and they look like a road map of veins. They Changed Overnight!. I've been wearing one of my sport bras today, But I guess I'm gonna have to go out and get a couple more new ones. Also today when we were out I was talking about how I already feel awkward shopping. I need new spring/Summer clothing but know i"m gonna want stuff to breast feed in later, but don't want to buy maternity clothes yet cause I'm not even showing. I was so frustrated with the situation I was near to tears. Drew just smiled and said, " i guess this mood swing means your still pregnant" It was so funny at that moment.

Cramps and worry

I Go to the Dr. Today.

Last night my breasts started to hurt really badly. It hurts to even walk up and down the STAIRS!!! I Know that is normal in early pregnancy.

However, I'm really worried cause I started getting really bad cramps like my period is coming. I hope I don't loose the baby. I see the dr. today so I will bring it up!

Feeling nervous!

Beta Reults!

Well, The nurse called and told us we are definetly pregnant!!! Our HCG is at 59 ( wich is low and early pregnancy) She asked me some questions about my cycles and said my Estimated Due Date (EDD) is likley January 27th. She also booked me for a Dr. Apointment for tomorrow to see the Dr. She said it is likley he will want another test to see how the hcg #'s are doubling since it is still really low.

We are REALLY REALLY Pregnant!!


A New Stick

AHHHH! This one is also Light! Why can't it be as clear as they promise??? I Called the Dr. and he is Faxing a Requisition for a blood test tomorrow.

In other news I'm peeing alot!

I peed on a stick again....

Well there were 2 in the box, and the first one was so light, so I did it again. I guess I'm in some sort of denial.

This one is a little darker but ALSO Light, I don't FEEL pregnant. It was the cheapest brand walmart had, so I guess I'll try a better brand in a couple days.

Am I REALLY Pregnant??

We are having a baby!

It is Mothersday, and our first aniversary. And we knew there was a chance I could be pregnant so I pee'd on a stick. This is what it looks like.

It is VERY light, but they say a line is a line .So it looks like I've got a positive pregnancy test with a baby to be born in January or POSSIBLY born in Feb. So I thought I would share what I'm emotionally feeling right now

I havn't had my beta blood test yet so I'm still in a kind of limbo

I am so worried to be pregnant alone. I know other firends that have had babies, but I will be the first one in my group of friends to have a baby.

So here is a small list of what my mind is reeling over

I want to tell the world but want to wait till I know baby will stick
I can't sleep
wondering if it's really really REAL
hoping I don't get mourning sickness
worried I'll forget my folic acid
Worried about being intamate with my husband this early in pregnancy
happy knowing a baby will be in my arms for our next Aniversary
Wondering how we willl tell our parents that they are becoming grandparents for the first time!
curious, excited and nervous about their reaction.
Nervous to tell a good friend who has been TTC for over 3 years and didn't know we were TTC
Can't stop looking at the calender for certian pregnancy milestones to look forward to
still hard to belive it is real
I hope my beta #'s are healthy
I hope this one doesn't turn out like last time.
Wondering how are we gonna manage to put it all together so quick to have baby#1 in our home
Wondering if we were hasty TTC so soon and not enjoy more of our "new marriage" just the two of us
Excited to meet one of the most important people who will be in my life
Excited to begin our family