Spartian Baby

Drew Likes the Movie 300
He also loves our baby
AND, he knows how to use photoshop

This IS Aedan!

Aedan can sit!!!

He keeps growing too fast... I'm so proud of him

So now here is my boastful picture!

Baby Talk

Here is a picture of Aedan in his green frog sleeper with most of the other babies in our baby talk group.

Aedan and I have been able to get out of the house almost everyday. But one of my favorite things has been going to our "baby talk" group held in the community room at the Superstore.It's great to be around other moms and get lots of information.

One of the best things about being in the room is you can see all sides of a babies personality in any given minute ( For example check out the little guy at 7:00)

I hope to convince some of these ladies to create a "Play group" once our last session is done on May 30th.

What a wonderful weekend!

We couldn't help but get out, At first we thought we were going to go to Niagara falls, But the idea of the traffic and crowds on the weekend weren't that appealing, so we went to port Dalhousie instead.

Parking was ridiculous there because of some motorcycle show, but we found a place and walked down to the waterfront and ate a packed lunch as Aedan felt the wind blow across him. He LOVES being outside.

Yes he took notice of the geese and ducks, his daddy carried him and his hat kept slipping over his face, but he was a trooper.

What a wonderful family day, I wish everyday was like this.