Diaper Explosion

I was feeding Aedan in a modified football hold where he is sitting more upright on my lap.

Well he seems to pass his gas and stools while he feeds, I guess he gets relaxed enough to let them loose.

As he was nursing he made a sudden pause, screwed up his face while staying latched then let loose a very wet sounding bunch of gas, he took 3 more sucks, then his eyes bulged as this low note trombone sound started to sound off as poop came flying out of his onesie from both legs and up out the back of the neck all over his head, all over my shirt and pants, nursing bra and even my hair!

it dripped all over the couch... the floor... we were covered.

Who knew a 10 day old baby could have that much poop in them???

I threw down Aedans burp cloth and laid my poor screaming baby on it as I quickly stripped down naked in my living room We live on a main street and once I realized the curtains were open I closed them as fast as possible.

Thank goodness I have a makeshift change table in the living room, and didn't have to run my poopy dripping baby to the upper floor.

I stripped my poor baby down and gave him a wet wipe bath. He was crying so hard , poor sad poppy baby

As soon as I got his new diaper on him I swaddled my naked crying baby and hushed him to sleep in about 2 min flat. All that crying and explosive pooping tuckered him out.

Then I started taking off the slip cover on the couch and bundling all the poopy clothes for the laundry, You can just imagine me running around in my panties and poopy nursing bra, nursing panel down on one side, poop in my hair and my strechmarked flabby post partum belly hanging over the underwear... not the most attractive sight.

I’m so happy no one was home to see it – but I can share it here!

I guess this is my first very memorable "Mommy Moment"

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Brandi said...

Oh dear, while I was reading this, my fiance was reading our daughter her bedtime story and my father was watching the news. Imagine the looks on all their faces when I started laughing out loud so hard that I was snorting and crying!!!