Aedan and his Daddy

Aedan is lucky to have such a good Dad. Over this past year I have gotten to know Drew in a whole new way. I Always knew Drew was dedicated and loyal and above all else loving and passionate. But when I told him he was going to be a father I saw a fire light inside him that has just brought it all to the surface.

Many parts of my pregnancy were hard. The worst to me was first trimester when I was so nauseous. I couldn't handle the smell of anything. He cooked, he cleaned he dealt with me patiently as I laid out on the couch trying to ride out the queezies. Although it was really hard on me, he kept reminding me this was a sign of a healthy baby. He took my nausea with a smile. My nausea made him happy.

As I got bigger and bigger I was less able to do things for myself. slowly Drew started taking the lead to take such great care of me. He ended up having to do all the bending over for me to get things off the ground, or to pull me out of a seat. I don't think I would be able to say I enjoyed my pregnancy if I didn't have him helping me through it.

The best was watching the reality of a baby boy was coming into our life. When we were told at our 19 week ultrasound that we were having a boy, it was so sweet to see tears of joy come to his eyes and hear him prattle on about all the things he will get to do with his son that he felt fortunate enough to do with his own father.

It was after that I watched Drew become very protective of "Us" - more his baby, but the baby was locked tight inside my belly. More phone calls were coming home when he was at work to remind me to eat or drink or take my vitamins or get some sleep. He also started looking at me more lovingly than he ever did.

He was also such an amazing labour support. he was telling me in the weeks before he was really nervous to have to see me in pain through the labour. When things got intense, and there were many voices telling me what to do, encouraging me to push, it was his voice that centred me and gave me the strength to push out our son.

Now he is a Father, a real live daddy! Again, he has shown just how amazing he is. In the hospital he rarely left our side sleeping on a cot for 4 nights and surviving on Tim Horton's donuts. not a bit of vitamin C. He changed just about every diaper while we were there and cuddled him and helped the two of us learn to breastfeed.

He was there to support me emotionally. When I missed the feelings of my baby in my belly and when the two of us weren't having much success in a proper latch, helped me work through the guilt of being a "bad mommy" as I had to pump my colostrum into a bottle and feed him rather than giving my baby my breast.

Now that we are home, he squeezes as much love into that baby as he can. I still see Drew dreaming of all the things he is gonna do with his son, but treasuring these moments that he is just so small hoping that he could freeze time in these precious moments.

He makes sure I get time to myself on the days he has to work so I have the energy to keep loving my baby, and tells me everyday how proud he is of me.

Not only is Aedan lucky to have such a good daddy, I'm lucky to have such a great husband.

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Brandi said...

Oh, now you've made me jealous ... LOL! But happy for the joyful time your family had in the beginnig. Can't wait to see what happens next!