Egg Hunt

Our Outdoor Easter egg hunt today was SO MUCH FUN!! My parents never took me as a kid so I had no clue what to expect. The weather was crisp and just at freezing keeping the snow from melting into big mud puddles, It was a festival like atmosphere and there were mobs of children and parents and strollers.

There were firetrucks and ambulances for kids to explore, Colouring contest draws, bouncy castles, SOOO Much stuff A stage with children's singers and performers, most of course Aedan was too young to enjoy, but made us excited to bring him next year too.

So we headed for the main attraction, the egg hunt.

They taped off a huge section of field on the top of a hill, I had no clue the kind of eggs, but as I got to the top of the hill the smell of chocolate filled my nostrils! You could see it hitting everyone and get everyone reved up and excited. Its a rare person who doesn't like chocolate.

They spread out thousands of foil wrapped eggs all over the snow. The sun was bright today so they were glistening.... making the chocolate greed even bigger. Everyone stood around the perimeter packed in a good 20 people thick the whole way. I thought this is crazy madness to bring my 1yo here.

@ 9:30 they opened the field to kids aged 1-3yo... kids went running in with their parents scooping up eggs off the ground. Many of the parents were grabbing up handfuls and throwing them in their child's basket, but I decided to let Aedan to figure it out by watching and pick up as many as he could on his own while I just physically guarded him from the mobs with my body.

He did really well. He carried his own basket and would stoop down to pick up the eggs or even sit next to a pile and pick them up and put them in his basket all by himself.

Of course near the end of the hunt he took his basket, and just like he does with toys, dumped them to the ground. We helped him to pick them up fast before the mob of kids would tackle him.

It was a crazy fun chaos and of course way off the mark of what easter is really about. But otherwise we have some fun crazy memories of Aedans "first" Easter ( we didn't do anything last year).

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Who Stole a cookie from the cookie Jar?

Aedan had been asking me for cookies all afternoon , yes our kid is already hooked on sugar though he gets it very little, he will indeed beg for it.

Well I kept redirecting him and saying no to the cookies all afternoon....The last time I said no he put up a huff and wouldn't come near me, a new attitude that has emerged lately... then he managed to get a hold of one of the dining room chairs and started pushing it - normal.... pushed it into the kitchen - not so normal.

So I followed him... as soon as I realized what he was doing I grabbed the camera... he had already made his way up onto the chair.....