Aedans First Swim!

Today I packed up everything we needed to go swimming at the Y during family time and we had a lot of Fun.

We went early before open swim and I got us both dressed so Aedan could watch the other kids swimming during their lessons and get used to the big open pool environment and get used to the smell in the air.He was just electric with excitement watching everything around him. He was letting out coos and little squeals.

He charmed the lifeguards ... of course, and they came right over to meet him.

When I let them know it was my first swim with him, they got right in with me and taught me how to keep him warm and how to float him on his back get him to kick when floating on his tummy ( He kept his head up so well!) and how to "Dunk" him under because they naturally hold their breath at this age ( I didn't know that!) He had so much fun and LOVED being dunked.

I would bob him up and down while counting to 3. At "3" He would spread his arms Legs and fingers and toes as wide as he could Open his eyes wide, pucker his lips tight and as soon as he was under he would blow bubbles with his nose.

He came up smiling and Giggling each time ready to go down again!

We only stayed in 10 - 15 min... He WOULD have stayed in longer, but I didn't want to over do it for him.

The hard part was showering and dressing 2 wet bodies after - THAT takes talent

We had a tonne of fun and hope to go again on Friday with his Daddy

Aedan LOVES to cuddle

Did I ever mention Aedan LOVES to cuddle?? He has a very hard time sleeping unless he's got a good stuffed animal to cuddle up to :)

Thumb Sucking accidents

Aedan took a Pacifier from 2 weeks old to 8 weeks old, then stopped completley.

Aedan refuses to take a pacifier now that he knows he can EVENTUALLY get his thumb i his mouth... BUT he only has about %20 accuracy for each attempt.

That poor kid, he has the gross motor skills with his arms to get them about where he wants, but the fine motor skills need some tuning up.

Even though I have trimmed his nails, he keeps nabbing himself in the face, He has long scratches and the occasional short jab .. he actually cut the outside of his nostril... there was blood and LOTS of screaming, but still he persists

Today I decided during play time we would focus on fine motor skills so I helped him learn to grab toys off his bumbo tray using his hands ... not his arms to scoop them up, he seems to be getting it but needs lots of practice. But he still prefers to scoop his toys upto his face and try to suck on them

Who knew learning to suck your thumb could be so difficult??

Aedan is Sick

Poor Aedan, he has tonsillitis. We went to the Dr on Friday the 13th to get his shots, and I told the Dr. that Aedan had been acting far more cranky than usual and although he IS learning to use his arms better, he seemed to be repeatedly punching hard into the air with his left fist. That although he was on Tylenol in preparation for the shots he was hot and sweaty.

Well the Dr looked in his mouth and said there was an abscess on his left tonsil ( why he was punching on that side) and that he has tonsillitis.

What that means - Antibiotics for Aedan and wait a week before we can give him shots.

He has a rough couple weeks now, feeling icky from being sick and slide right into feeling icky from his shots.

It sure is a rough life being a baby...

Car seat instalation


"Turn the camera off" comments
instruction book flipping
Confusion and frustration
Overstuffed glove compartment slamming
Bad hair day Anger

Aedans Birth

No messy business...
Peer into the delivery room moments after Aedan was born.

Starts with his first cries being weighed and first hugs with mom.

Thanks to Courtney Bishop for having the mind to grab the Video Camera and start to record this most amazing event.

Video Editing

Now that I've learned how to edit videos myself, you'll be able to check back more often to see videos of Aedan. I'm working on uploading certain videos now. I may post the links before You tube is done processing the video so it may say they are not available... that can take up to 8 hours to finish processing. YEAH more to share!

A Bump in the Road

I've been doing pretty good these past 9 weeks. I've been proud of myself and amazed at how well my body is rebounding after 9 months of carrying a baby. Every few days I jump on the scale and am even more impressed with how the weight is shedding off. I've been eating healthy, walking everyday, and in my opinion doing everything right.

However, as a new mom we are always told to "Take it easy" which honestly I haven't. In fact over this past week I've felt like super mom getting things done, keeping a happy baby, and still getting some time in for me. But My energy was silently teetering, and a visit to my grandmothers made it crumble.

I love my grandmother. I remember as a little girl calling her almost daily and talking with her. I'd say I probably have talked with her at least weekly with the exception of the past 2 - 3 months. I've always been able to rely on her. She is a Tell-it-like-it-is sort of woman. When I watch "Everybody loves Raymond" Marie reminds me of my grandmother. She can insult you with love. I go there ready to ignore and protect myself from the occasional off hand remark.

As a side note - 2 things that should never be talked about around a new mom is her post partum body, and how she should raise her child.

She went on for about 45 minutes telling me how I looked frumpy and she was worried about me. That the last time she saw me ( I was only 1 week post partum) I seemed to have awful sticky stuff all through my hair and I ought not go in public looking like that.

-No doubt it was my hair slightly more greasy from all the hormonal changes and hot flash sweats I had been getting. If that weren't enough she threw in a few how I should be raising my son comment to boot.

the sad part is, although I only have about 3 outfits that fit me comfortably right now, Its not worth buying anything new when the weight is falling off me, I picked out the one I felt best in, the one I felt good in, she picked it to pieces.

It's ridiculous, but her words from yesterday keep coming through my head and it's chipping at my confidence each time it does and it's hard to control and quiet the thoughts.

I only remember 1 other time I felt self conscious about my body image and that was when I was 12, I was teased about my hair as it was growing out from a horrible short hair perm my grandmother had done to my hair. It took years to grow out as my hair was fried.I never wanted the perm, but you don't say no to grandma.

I came home in tears about the teasing and my mom took me out and got me some barettes and head bands to hold back my unruly bangs, and I made sure to comb it out frequently.

Since I was 12 I have been proud of my body. I have NEVER let anyone take me down about how I look. I have been proud of how strong it is, I've been told so often that people love my smile. I've been proud that I have been on a long portage through Algonquin, that I can lift things that most women can't -I have more endurance than most ,that I can walk everywhere ,that I carried a baby, I loved my pregnant body.That I pushed my baby out and that I am able to nurse him.

So now you have this woman who has been confident about her body for nearly 15 years have done some amazing things with it and now suddenly can cry every time those words go through her head - just like that 12 year old girl 15 years ago who got teased and bullied about her hair.

Sticks and stones may break my bones
But it's words that hurt the worst.