Purple Baby

Aedan had his Dr's apt yesterday and he is now 11lbs and 1 oz , 24 inches long, and his head is 38 cm around. The Dr commented that he is really strong and doing very well.

However my poor baby has been trying to battle a thrush infection since he was about 11 days old... First we got a prescription of nystatin... it is this yellow liquidy stuff that we have to put in his mouth 4X a day. It didn't work after the first batch so we went on to a second batch.

Near the end of the second batch I was noticing it was only keeping it at bay and not killing it all off. Sucpisious I looked at the label and saw a Feb 07 expiry date.

We went to the Dr to talk about his still exsisting thrush and mentioned the expiration date. Our Dr. wrote out a 3rd script and asked us to double check the exiration date. This stuff seemed to be working well as well . but then it halted and wasn't so great.

Well he is 5 weeks old today and still has it. Dr recomended we move onto bigger and badder stuff to try to kill it off. Either this is one tough strain or it became resistant because of the pharmacy and it's expiration daPublishtes... now we will be moving onto Gentian Violet .

Except this stuff is near impossible to find in a non alcohol blend... I'm still on the hunt I'm told to expect everything his saliva touches to look purple. So I have to look forward to purple clothes and purple nipples. Who knows how long it takes to wear off skin, but it permanantly stains fabric.

I'll try to get his 5 week picture posted BEFORE we dose him with the gentian violet.

I'm sorta mad at the pharmacy for not watching their dates... maybe all this could have been avoided if the first batch was good .

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