I'm not ready

But I never will be anyway.

We have introduced a bottle so he can be fed by bottle or breast. He only gets MAYBE 1 bottle a day, but goes back and forth between them very well. We did this so Drew can have a chance to feed him and have some of that bonding time with him, but also to give us the freedom should we need it to go out and let someone else care for him

I wasn't really that nervous about labour, but I'm nervous about this.

We are going to leave Aedan, for the first time, with his Nana ( my mom) for about 2 hours tomorrow night while Drew and I go see a movie. I'm sure all I will think about is him.

I'm hoping my anticipation is worse than it will actually be to leave him. Instinct just wants to keep him by my side and in my arms.

I'll never be ready, but we need to be able to trust our son with other people, and he needs to be given the chance to trust other people.

He's ready, Im not.

I'm sure the longer I leave it the harder it will be on all of us.

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amanda said...

I remember our first "post baby" date. We both looked terrible, pale, and tired. But we went and saw the movie War of the Worlds (this was June of 05). And yes..that is ALL I thought about was my daughter. And..my boobs were PAINFULLY engorged by the time we got home!! hehe. That was a long movie..