Aedan has "talked" for quite a while. saying mama, bu-bu (bye) urse for nursing ect.

But he usually repeats the syllable over and over like a babble. Bu-bu-bu-bu- upupupupupup, dadadadada

He means what he is saying, he knows that sound has meaning. But he hadn't mastered it into a single syllable word.

I've been noticing this week he is not repeating it as often and bringing it down to less syllables.

So today when I was sitting on my bed typing a letter to our playgroup about our meeting, I only had a few lines left to type. Aedan was mildly fussing for me to pick him up next to the bed.

I kept my head down typing as fast as I could... I Had to complete the letter , it had already been interrupted 4 times!

He then let out a loud grunt - it got my attention, I looked at him and said "Aedan what would you like?"

He raised his arm high, scowled at me for not paying him attention earlier and forcefully, in a low and commanding voice, with one syllable said


I nearly burst laughing at this - My little boy was being so serious and finally caught onto saying it like a word and said it with such energy I HAD to laugh.

He didn't think it was very funny and as he sat on my lap he grunted again and kept his scowl at me.

I tried not to smile to show my empathy at the seriousness of his situation.... whatever it was I still did not know. Apparently picking him up wasn't all he wanted.

I just said Oh I'm sorry for laughing, is there something I can do for you?

With the same force and seriousness he then in a low powerful voice said


Yup... he was hungry and stayed latched on for a long time too.

I guess we will be moving into the realm of real words... I'm so excited and love this communication with him.

Does he sleep through the night?

The easy answer would be yes. No one would believe me, and it would be a lie, but sometimes this is all I want to answer as people don't believe the other part I have to say to the truth.

The truth is no, he does not sleep through the night, and I love that.I've grown used to sleeping in smaller chunks and just going to bed a little earlier to get all my hours needed

I love my baby waking in search of me, wanting my touch to help him ease back down to sleep. I love being wanted and needed the way he needs me. While the responsibility of night time parenting is often looked on as a burden, I really do look onto it as an extension of the love and attention I can give him in the day. It's an extra chance to bond. In the still quiet of the night, I can study his face, his skin his long eye lashes, hug him, watch his chest rise and fall, rock him and kiss him, and it's only in the night he won't squirm away to play.

I know night waking is only a small season of parenting my baby, and I'm patient with it, knowing it soon will pass, and I will miss my midnight cuddles and quiet time with my baby boy.