Dirty Diapers II ... Trying cloth!

At my favourite children's consignment store Emma's Closet I found a huge lot of Motherease cloth diapers - 2 dozen diapers and a dozen doublers for about $100, thats about a quarter of the price if they were bought new! It seems at inspection of these diapers that the previous owner of them washed them up to "fluff" them and prepare them for diapering, and then backed down. They were in "like new" condition... WOW... what a steal!

Still $100 is a steep investment, and I hesitated and asked the clerk to hold them for me while I did a bit more research to see if this was a purchase I really wanted to make. I scowered the manufacturers website, I took advice from My online Moms group, I hit forums that rated different cloth diapers and read every bad review I could find, I searched about resale value on kijiji and Craigslist And found that these really are a favourite cloth diaper for family's that do cloth diapering, and if it doesn't work out for me, I can re sell them for double what Emma's closet was asking for them.

We bought a couple vynil covers from Sears... Kushies brand name. They aren't the best for covers,as in they could let out more heat and breath better, but they work for now and get us started.

So this is cloth diapering day 1! My conscience is feeling cleaner, and hopefully this will be healthy for Aedan...I'll let you know how it goes!

Dirty Diapers

Lets talk diapers for a minute...

Aedan has been having a couple days of "cleaning out" and Ive changed more than a weeks worth in just a couple days. when this happens, I of course feel sad for my son who's insides won't let him rest, but I even feel more guilty for the mark it leaves on our planet.

Baby's go through a tonne of them, well more than a tonne if you want to be literal. I'm environmentally conscious and wanted and hoped cloth diapering would work for us.... Several yeast rashes later... it didn't cloth just holds too much moisture close to the skin and the PH of urine isn't very friendly to my baby boys sensitive skin.

So pampers is what we use...

I just found out about gdiapers.

They are a cloth-disposable hybrid, the insert is flushable and biodegradable, compostable liner inside a cotton washable diaper pant and my curiosity is peaked.

I'd rather not continue to litter landfills with my sons diapers that may see 5 centuries beyond me.I hope to use them , that they are kind to Aedens posterior and I'm hoping to find a local(ish) retailer, as for me, it's just not worth buying them online.... I'd rather run out and get some when the fancy strikes me.

Hopefully I can find them and they will be economical. But if they don't work out for us, hopefully some other mom or dad out there will see this on my blog, and try them, and help reduce waste in our landfills.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if other big brand diaper companies were this environmentally conscience?

Aedan Gets a Big Boy bed.


Over the Holidays we finally set up Aedan's "Big Boy Bed" He figured out how to climb out of his crib, so although early for a bed- it was most definetly time. He loves being able to get in and out of it himself, And pulls toys and books up onto it and lounges on back.

The most interesting part about this simple bed is Aedan's daddy slept in it when he was little, so did Aedan's Grandma Painter when she was a little girl. this bed was made by Aedan's Great Granpa Robert Jones. What a wonderful heirloom!
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