I'm back and I'm a Mom

I intended to document my pregnancy on this blog, but pregnancy was somthing very strange. My body and emotions were changing at a rate faster than at puberty. I don't know how I thought I could ever document my pregnancy when I had issues telling my own mother about when I got my first period... there wern't pads in the house in the cupboard and I waited for 2 days till the cramps were unbearable and stuffing toilet paper in my underwear couldn't hold the flow... I'm just not someone who can openly talk about her body or sexuality that easily.

While I enjoyed much of my pregnancy (2nd and most of 3rd trimester) there was so much changing in my body and mind it was hard for me to even understand what was happening , let alone write it down. Now, on the otherside of pregnancy, my body is foriegn to me compared to what it was a year ago. Although it took 9 months, these changes are drastic to me.

I hope now to share my experiences of motherhood. This is somthing that feels far more natural to me than pregnancy did. I can look back now on all the effort that pregnancy was to see it was grooming my body and mind and heart ( and my husbands patience) to become the parent I am now.

I'm just so overwhelmed with love for my little baby. And amazed by how natural the process seems... even the hard moments when he's screaming in my ear for me to fix somthing that I don't understand.

I just have to get some of this out, and hope you will enjoy it in the process.

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