Cheesy smile

Aedan sometimes LOVES my camera... he did the day I took these and was flashing his Cheesy smile at me.

These are from back in September - but they make me smile every time I see them, so I thought it was worth sharing.



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Aedans Lunch Order

Aedan woke up from his nap, wandered over to the baby monitor and started yelling into it.

Mommy Mommy!!
Aeda eat!
Aeda eat ,turkey meat , corn.
turkey meat, corn - PLEEEEEASE!!
Aeda EAT!

Good thing we still have thanksgiving left overs!

I have to brag

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OK I'll get on here and do a really big post really soon.

Yes he may be cute, but we are also dealing with teething, a head cold through the whole family, this mommy had the flu... and he's so busy all of the time now - this mommy is also busy being a playmate.

But I thought I'd at least share this pic!