Making Bananna Muffins

Mommy's helper
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Mmmmmmm... cream cheese icing!
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Test tasting
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Washing up!
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Making muffins is hard work for a baby.
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I finally returned all my Avent stuff yesterday and got almost $200 store credit. While I'm not an alarmist about BPA - I do know they have discovered some issues with it, and don't know it's extent of contribution to hormonal issues today or any of it's long term side effects with humans. - How could they?? Its everywhere! We've all consumed it. It's Even lines the inside of tin cans!!! and the sealants at the top of glass baby jars. It also leaches into our water and effect the environment, maybe more than it directly affects us.

So Canada has taken a pro-active lets get rid of it until we understand it further approach. Maybe a little hasty as it is going to cause a hit to the companies that make these items, but also it's hurting the retailers - there are major costs in hiring enough people to take all these bloody returns. Then there are the Canadians buying up the Avent bottles from Ebay from people in the states or abroad who haven’t gone forward with the returns yet … just to re-sell them for more credit! I don’t know how ethical that is…. But I guess that’s another rant.

When I went to Zellers there were 5 people ahead of me on what normally would be a slow Monday morning at opening - all with BPA returns. It did make me think - Can I stomach the value of these items and turn and walk away?? I DID know that some plastics were bad when buying a pump and bottle system - but I didn't research instead trusting the company. Should it be more of a Buyer beware situation??

I did almost turn around thinking of all the other consequences. Cost to the retailer, Zellers shelves were stripped of any plastic not containing BPA making it hard to get a hold of. Many glass bottle systems were available.

All of this was whirring as I stood there, always too conscience of consequences. Then I thought of the trust I put in Avent – to give me safe products. They do know this type of plastic is causing effects on people and environmentally, they have a responsibility to create a healthy product. The emotion of being misled or “used” got me to the front of the line for the return.

When I got there, there were 3 more BPA returns behind me and there were 5 grocery shopping carts behind the returns desk- all filled with BPA products - they were trying to find room in the back to put them all somewhere as the back was already stuffed with who knows how many more. My conscience thought again, is this “fair” to do this Then I remembered reading Avents official statement on BPA bottles, and they seem to skim over the fact that BPA is hazardous not mentioning any effort to change… a lack of responsibility on their part - I returned the bottles.

How concerned am I really about BPA, I don’t think I’m THAT concerned, I’m glad I've mostly breastfed and my baby's potential exposure has been minimal. If I were a formula feeding mom relying on bottles and know they are in and out of microwaves and dishwashers leaking the stuff - I'm sure I'd be pissed!

I'm sure it will be a long while before it is completely banned. And taken away. I'm taking the stance of it is best to limit exposure.

BPA has been in our plastics for Decades now, We are just discovering it's effects in the last few years. All you can do is weigh potential future risks against your comfort with it.

Sucks being a mom and making all these decisions. I'm just glad there was some flexibility for me to return these items get some money back so I can research and find a more responsible company... I do hope the flexibility will be available for other non- Canadian mamma's, and am very happy that moms-to-be can be aware of this issue to prevent exposure at all!

I do recommend this blog if you are in a similar circumstance of researching new BPA free, responsible manufacturers.