Baby Naps

On Grey days when it's not stormy, Aedan has my favourite kind of naps...

It's one of those days today.

He Fights to stay asleep and needs me constantly to fall back asleep. He will half wake - but with his eyes still closed, fighting to STAY asleep -with this little wine that he can't fall back asleep himself, That he needs me. Thats about every 25- 45 min, but these "Naps" go on the better part of the day for 5-7 hours.

The best part about them is I can get right up close to him,he sences me there then he stops whining instantly. I just hold his tiny little hand, get as close as I can and say in the quietest voice - almost a whisper. Things like "I love you" and "Your such a good boy", as well as all the things that pour out of my heart about how speacial he is.

He will half open his drowsy eyes at the sound of my voice to look me in the eyes and give the best little smile as if to say - "I love you" "Thanks for being here - I'm SO Comfortable in my nap, I'm having the best dreams" and "Why don't you join me?"

Slowly with a smile on his face off to sleep he drifts till he calls me again.

It's these tender moments I love.

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