an "Ah-Ha! " moment

Our house has three steps and a porch for both our front and back doors.

It hasn't been a problem when he fit into the infant carrier and I just clipped it out to bring in the house. But he is getting a little big for that now... he is so heavy to lug around, I've been walking with just the stroller now.

When Taking Aedan for a walk and I get home and if he's sleeping it's been tricky to pick him up out of the stroller and lay him down without waking him.... I've actually gone walking longer just to let him get a good nap in before I have to wake him when we get home.

Well I FINALLY figured out how to get the stroller up the steps with a sleeping babe in it.

I go backwards rolling the back wheels up slowly slowly, just like you would a dolly holding a pile of boxes, then into the house we can go and I can let him finish his nap in the stroller.

WHY oh WHY didn't I figure this out earlier

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