Aedans Vaxinations

Aedan has had quite a few adventures with me since I've last posted here. I seem to be barley home to touch the computer... I'll try to get some updates in while he naps today. I'm hoping t have a couple more quiet days to get caught up with general housework, email and phone calls... oh and blogging too!

Aedan had his 4 month shots about 2 weeks ago. His 2 month shots gave him some nasty reactions, so I didn't expect these ones to go too well either. While they weren't as bad as I thought they might be, they were a little tough for my guy.

I have a split mind about vaxinations, I used to work in health food stores so I know all the nasty stuff about them. I know some of the long term side effects that can happen, and how hard it is on the short term in a tiny baby. With most other people being vaxinated, I know that the chance of my baby's exposure is minimal on a normal daily basis.

On the other hand, the job I'm going back to, I will be dealing with immigrants. There is also a Daycare available for our clients... Andrew now works in a call center dealing with the same nasty keyboards and breathing the same air in close quarters with several hundred other people. So if a nasty exotic germ may abound,we work in the right places to bring it home.

I hate having those split feeling about these parts of parenting. No choice feels like the right choice.

He got his shots, I waited in another room to nurse him while Andrew stayed with him.Much like his 2 month shots, the first one was no issue, but there was much crying with the second one... So sad.

I held my screaming baby tightly so he could calm down to nurse. He didn't nurse as hard as he did the first time, but he had a good full belly.

After that all seemed well.

But it took until the evening for a fever to break. I kept him on Tylenol for 3 days, he still got a rash, fevered and cried a lot.Unlike last time, he rebounded to his normal self pretty quickly.

We have a check up at 5 months... thank goodness no needles for that one.

Oh and at his last check up Aedan was 17.5 lbs and 27 inches long!! Not too much longer in his infant seat, I guess we better start looking for a new one!

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SanJosemommyof2 said...

Glad to see you posting! I won't touch this topic because it's certainly a debatable one between moms! lol!