Aedans First Swim!

Today I packed up everything we needed to go swimming at the Y during family time and we had a lot of Fun.

We went early before open swim and I got us both dressed so Aedan could watch the other kids swimming during their lessons and get used to the big open pool environment and get used to the smell in the air.He was just electric with excitement watching everything around him. He was letting out coos and little squeals.

He charmed the lifeguards ... of course, and they came right over to meet him.

When I let them know it was my first swim with him, they got right in with me and taught me how to keep him warm and how to float him on his back get him to kick when floating on his tummy ( He kept his head up so well!) and how to "Dunk" him under because they naturally hold their breath at this age ( I didn't know that!) He had so much fun and LOVED being dunked.

I would bob him up and down while counting to 3. At "3" He would spread his arms Legs and fingers and toes as wide as he could Open his eyes wide, pucker his lips tight and as soon as he was under he would blow bubbles with his nose.

He came up smiling and Giggling each time ready to go down again!

We only stayed in 10 - 15 min... He WOULD have stayed in longer, but I didn't want to over do it for him.

The hard part was showering and dressing 2 wet bodies after - THAT takes talent

We had a tonne of fun and hope to go again on Friday with his Daddy

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Super Happy Jen said...

You need to post last night's swimming pictures. Our little men looked so cute in their over-sized swim trunks.