Aedan is Sick

Poor Aedan, he has tonsillitis. We went to the Dr on Friday the 13th to get his shots, and I told the Dr. that Aedan had been acting far more cranky than usual and although he IS learning to use his arms better, he seemed to be repeatedly punching hard into the air with his left fist. That although he was on Tylenol in preparation for the shots he was hot and sweaty.

Well the Dr looked in his mouth and said there was an abscess on his left tonsil ( why he was punching on that side) and that he has tonsillitis.

What that means - Antibiotics for Aedan and wait a week before we can give him shots.

He has a rough couple weeks now, feeling icky from being sick and slide right into feeling icky from his shots.

It sure is a rough life being a baby...

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