Thumb Sucking accidents

Aedan took a Pacifier from 2 weeks old to 8 weeks old, then stopped completley.

Aedan refuses to take a pacifier now that he knows he can EVENTUALLY get his thumb i his mouth... BUT he only has about %20 accuracy for each attempt.

That poor kid, he has the gross motor skills with his arms to get them about where he wants, but the fine motor skills need some tuning up.

Even though I have trimmed his nails, he keeps nabbing himself in the face, He has long scratches and the occasional short jab .. he actually cut the outside of his nostril... there was blood and LOTS of screaming, but still he persists

Today I decided during play time we would focus on fine motor skills so I helped him learn to grab toys off his bumbo tray using his hands ... not his arms to scoop them up, he seems to be getting it but needs lots of practice. But he still prefers to scoop his toys upto his face and try to suck on them

Who knew learning to suck your thumb could be so difficult??

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Super Happy Jen said...

William still doesn't get the concept of putting up his thumb to suck. He prefers to suck on his whole fist.