Goodnight lights

Aedan and I have a bedtime ritual. After getting bathed, diapered and dressed into snuggly Pyjamma's we wander through the house saying goodnight to all the lights as we turn them out one by one.

At first, a few months ago, it was just me waving at them.

Then I slowly held up Aedans arm and waved it while I waved with my other hand

Now he is quite good at waving goodnight on his own as he looks at the light and waits for it to click off.

Well Daylight savings has come and gone, and Aedan is none the wiser of the new time. Aedan is often ready for bed by 7:00 - 7:30, that would now be 6:00 - 6:30

We hadn't done bath or reading or any other bedtime things yet, we are trying to hold off Aedan and change his clock.

But before a single eye rub, at 6:15 Aedan started waving at the lights in the house. It's so cute to see my little boy using our little ritual to tell us he's tired.

So without anymore delay, we skipped bath time, quickly put on a fresh diaper, and he is left in his T-shirt from the day, nursed down and sleeping peacefully.

Goodnight light, Aedan is going to sleep tight tonight!

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