Aedans walking continued

For this past week Aedan has been taking unassisted steps, somewhere between 5 and 7 steps before falling down. He attempts it nervously and then falls into my arms.

Yesterday at the early years center he crawled right up to their favourite walker and wouldn't let it go as he zoomed back and forth for an hour, with me of course changing it's direction for him each time he hit a wall.

Then tonight, Aedans confidence in walking pepped up, he is now taking over 20 steps before deciding he's through or falls down.

It's amazing to watch him, he so proud of himself... I'M so proud of him... but at the same time there is this deep bittersweet ache watching my baby transform from infant to toddler... He might be ready to walk, but I guess part of me that loved cuddling my tiny swaddled bundle that stares deep into my eyes just isn't ready to let go.

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SanJosemommyof2 said...

It just continues from this point.. then the continued acts of independence start to rain down.. he's eating by himself with a spoon and fork, he's talking in full sentences, he wants to brush his teeth by himself, he can put his own shoes on.. I have to say..this is about the time with Grace that I said "she's not my baby anymore, she's my little girl" and then I was ready for baby #2... hehe. Love the climbing stairs video! (Amanda from