Baby Legs

I Was interested in Getting Aedan some "Baby Legs" a type of Leg warmer for babys, good for crawling, diaper changes, quick and easy... But Expensive @ 12-16 a pair + shipping... OUCH! Do you know how many diapers that could buy??

Then I found This site showing me how to make them myself.

The first pair I took over an hour staring in confusion at the directions and pictures... But when I figured it out, I could pop them out in less than 10 minutes a pair. Aedan now has a rather LARGE wardrobe of baby legs that we hope will keep him warm.

After I filled a small drawer with my modified socks, I decided to teach our play group a couple weeks back. Fun was had by all, we have many baby's sporting their own warmers in our group now.

And Now my friend Jen is interested in making some for William...

Have fun making your baby legs Jen and William!

Aedan with a pair of his baby legs looking all rocker like ...and really cute!

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