"I see Santa!"

We've been to the mall a few times and pass by Santa's "house" and I ask Aedan if he wants to meet Santa.

He tells me "no - Jus,looking" so we watch other kids go up and sit on Santas knee, get a piece of candy and leave... Aedan want's none of it. I think there is something about the display and the big red suit and the formality of it that makes him nervous or shy.

Well standing in line at the corner store, Aedan starts exclaiming " I see Santa, I see Santa"

An older man with a long white beard, dressed in green cords, green plaid shirt red suspenders bald and half moon spectacles was wandering through the store and came in line right up behind us.... it couldn't have been better - he was buying egg nog and candy canes.

Well I guess he heard me call Aedan by his name... and when Aedan waved and said "Hi Santa" He replied back " Hi Aedan, have you been a good boy?"

Aedan nodded yes - and he gave him a Candy cane.

"Santa" had a brief discussion with Aedan over my shoulder while I paid... then we said bye, as we walked out of the store "Santa" told me "Merry Christmas Rebecca"... I'm sure he didn't hear my name... all I could say back was "Merry Christmas Santa" with a bit of an awkward smile, he winked at me and I headed off.

So Aedan finally got to meet Santa... and maybe I did too!

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Super Happy Jen said...

Oooo. Spooky. Your corner store must have really good candycanes and eggnog, for someone to come all the way from the North Pole to buy them.