First Tooth


Well 2 days ago I was feeding some food to Aedan off my finger and to my suprise felt a razor sharp edge, I couldn't figure if it was in his food, but then realized Aedan had cut his first tooth.... a top tooth !

Upon inspection, we could tell a second one had broken on the bottom as well.... could feel it's sharpness, but it wasn't visable yet , though it is today.

Today I can also feel the second bottom one and the top gum for that last 4th front tooth is so swollen it's about to come through too.

Saying goodbye to gummy smiles is a little hard but I am welcoming those big toothy grins!
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Andrew said...

don't forget to update the monthly photos.

~Becca~ said...

You know... you do have access to ths blog too drew :D