Aedan has "talked" for quite a while. saying mama, bu-bu (bye) urse for nursing ect.

But he usually repeats the syllable over and over like a babble. Bu-bu-bu-bu- upupupupupup, dadadadada

He means what he is saying, he knows that sound has meaning. But he hadn't mastered it into a single syllable word.

I've been noticing this week he is not repeating it as often and bringing it down to less syllables.

So today when I was sitting on my bed typing a letter to our playgroup about our meeting, I only had a few lines left to type. Aedan was mildly fussing for me to pick him up next to the bed.

I kept my head down typing as fast as I could... I Had to complete the letter , it had already been interrupted 4 times!

He then let out a loud grunt - it got my attention, I looked at him and said "Aedan what would you like?"

He raised his arm high, scowled at me for not paying him attention earlier and forcefully, in a low and commanding voice, with one syllable said


I nearly burst laughing at this - My little boy was being so serious and finally caught onto saying it like a word and said it with such energy I HAD to laugh.

He didn't think it was very funny and as he sat on my lap he grunted again and kept his scowl at me.

I tried not to smile to show my empathy at the seriousness of his situation.... whatever it was I still did not know. Apparently picking him up wasn't all he wanted.

I just said Oh I'm sorry for laughing, is there something I can do for you?

With the same force and seriousness he then in a low powerful voice said


Yup... he was hungry and stayed latched on for a long time too.

I guess we will be moving into the realm of real words... I'm so excited and love this communication with him.

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