Does he sleep through the night?

The easy answer would be yes. No one would believe me, and it would be a lie, but sometimes this is all I want to answer as people don't believe the other part I have to say to the truth.

The truth is no, he does not sleep through the night, and I love that.I've grown used to sleeping in smaller chunks and just going to bed a little earlier to get all my hours needed

I love my baby waking in search of me, wanting my touch to help him ease back down to sleep. I love being wanted and needed the way he needs me. While the responsibility of night time parenting is often looked on as a burden, I really do look onto it as an extension of the love and attention I can give him in the day. It's an extra chance to bond. In the still quiet of the night, I can study his face, his skin his long eye lashes, hug him, watch his chest rise and fall, rock him and kiss him, and it's only in the night he won't squirm away to play.

I know night waking is only a small season of parenting my baby, and I'm patient with it, knowing it soon will pass, and I will miss my midnight cuddles and quiet time with my baby boy.

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