We're a package deal!

It's amazing how a little baby can bring a couple even closer. When we got married some changes in our relationship came. I always talked about it like falling in love again.

But having a Baby - wow, has that totally changed our life! Especially our commitment as a family.

Even after we got married we did sort of split responsibilities, money, chores and expected the other to do certain things. ( when it was the others turn to do dishes, we would let them pile sky high cause "it wasn't my turn ...")

But having Aedan has made us pull together stronger. Everything we do is for the our family. He is so dependent on us - so there is no time for "games" of who's turn it is to do a certain chore.

There is that biological need right now too that bonds us together. Breastfeeding has been an amazing experience. Nature has programed moms to stay by baby's side.I'd like to think that the protective and helpful side of Drew is completely choice, but I'm sure instinct plays a bit of part for him as well. I know a couple single mom's and I'm awe struck what they do by themselves. I don't know I'd be strong enough to go it alone.

I had minimal understanding before why parents would want to stay in with their baby or drag their baby with them everywhere they go.I sure know now, it's not a burden at all. Between that instinctive closeness and biological needs parents feel,the best part of all is just the genuine love and excitement to watch your baby in everyday activities. Every experience for the parents is a new learning experience for your child. The world does revolve around your amazing creation.

Also all the time we spend together is pretty precious to us. Aedan is growing so fast and there is so much to show him. There was a time when we'd be ecstatic to see him smile even just once in a day - even if it wasn't really a smile and only gas. Now we live for that one time in the day he gets up on his knees on his own, or breaks out in a giggle fit without prompting him. Watching him figure out how to clap his hands, and watch other people and babies with intrigue.

I'm lucky to stay home everyday to watch this. Drew has to go off to work and only has a few hours everyday with Aedan. It's tough on Drew, but he squeezes in all the time he can with him. Something surprising ( though it shouldn't have been) is Drew has decided to put going to his guys night on hold for a while. Between wonky work schedules, and not seeing his baby for a whole day - it just wasn't worth it to him.
He misses the guys - But really enjoys his time with his son more than he misses them.

I too have passed up a couple events that wouldn't be appropriate to bring Aedan. I love my friends, but I love my baby more.

Drew and I have been out on only a small handful of short baby-less dates, and while we had fun - We talked about how we missed him through much of those dates.

So for the time being - I guess were a package deal. We need and want to be together.If your expecting only one of us to show at an event - your probably mistaken for now. It'll likely be all three or none at all.

Sorry If we've turned down an invite here or there, we love our friends and extended family, but were still getting to know our little family, and nothing could be more important than that right now.

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Super Happy Jen said...

I always have plenty of time for chore games. lol

Isn't it crazy how grown up our sons are already? When I'm at baby group, I'm sitting with the "older kids"