Emotional Challenges

I think the biggest challenge as mom for me , so far ,is to see my baby in pain and not be able to do anything more to comfort him except hug him.

He's been sick a few times, and had to deal with his shots, and all of this has really sucked.

And now he is having teething pain. I can use the homeopathic drops, the numbing gel, the pain reliver medications.

But still he whimpers in my arms. As I rock him in my rocking chair.

He so desperately wants to sleep,He pushes his head against me and closes his eyes as tight as he can, But the pain is so bad he grinds his jaw, grips me so tight he has left little bruises on me. With each rock backwards lets out a whimper . His body sweats as he works through the pain,my shoulder gets soaked in his drool, its too painful to swallow. Sometimes I feel every muscle in his body tense up.After maybe 20 - 30min ( when we are lucky)he'll finally fall asleep, Only to wake again 20 min later because of the pain. and we start the process all over again.

It seems so unfair. My job as a mom is to love him, protect him and keep him from harm. All I can do is hold him, rock him, and tell him I love him.It breaks my heart that this isn't enough.

Before teething began, I was sort of sad at the prospect of loosing those gummy smiles.It would mean my little boy is growing again. That soon he won't be my little baby and be my little child

But now I can't wait for those teeth to come through so he can get some relief.

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Super Happy Jen said...

Unfortunately they could be well past one or even two before all those chompers have pushed through