The Dr. Apointment.

The usual Dr. I see wasn't there and his usual backup was called into the hospital for an emergency. The Dr. I saw was like so you know your pregnant why Are you here? I said to make sure my arrangments and referral to the Dr. who wil deliver my baby. And because the Nusre said I should come in. For blood tests

He flat out said that wouldn't be done until 8 weeks.We were stunned at how he seemed to go against My Family Dr. wishes! I told him about the cramps he was like " That happens, %25 of all pregnancies end in some kind of miscarriage don't be suprised if that happens" we asked what we should do about it he said wait it out a loss this early donsnt require a D&C and it's not really that big of a deal!?!

He said he doesn't see people before 8 weeks and us being there was pointless. Our treatment and his bedside manner was SO BAD . I left that office feeling completly stupid for even going. I felt talked down to and he treated my like some kind of hypochandric. Then I realized he didn't even peek at my blood type if the worse did happen, he didnt order another Beta like the Nurse said was wanted, or check to see if cramps were a Urinary Tract Infection wich is common in Early pregnancy. We were pretty angry. I'll call my regular Dr. when he is back in next week. Chances are though that he will call me when he sees that second beta that he wanted wasn't done. After the apointment Drew went to work ( 40 min drive away from home in St. Catharines) and we woudn't be going back home till he was done at 9:30 at night. I thought I was gonna be OK and told him to just leave me at my Moms house, She was gone for the afternoon. about 30 seconds after Drew was out of the driveway I was in absolute tears and that %25 statistic kept ringing in my ears. I felt like I was gonna fall apart! I kept trying to pull myself together.

Finally I called a good friend ( Jen) who was one of my bridesmaids who thankfully was home. I really needed someone to come get me and distract me for the day cause I was not having a good day, and being sad would just make the situation worse. She did, and thankfully, She is such an amazing friend! We played video games went for a walk on the Lakeshore, she showed me her projects she was working on and we drove around and she talked alot, I needed the air filled with words of distraction. She made me feel tonnes better. I Didn't tell her I was pregnant. I sort of wish I did. But it's not time yet, I havn't even told my mom.

The cramps have minimized a little this evening and we are hoping we can chalk them up to "abdominal pressure" like is mentioned in the book "what to expect when your expecting" I'm so happy my boobs stopped hurting, but I woke up to them not fitting a single bra I own and they look like a road map of veins. They Changed Overnight!. I've been wearing one of my sport bras today, But I guess I'm gonna have to go out and get a couple more new ones. Also today when we were out I was talking about how I already feel awkward shopping. I need new spring/Summer clothing but know i"m gonna want stuff to breast feed in later, but don't want to buy maternity clothes yet cause I'm not even showing. I was so frustrated with the situation I was near to tears. Drew just smiled and said, " i guess this mood swing means your still pregnant" It was so funny at that moment.

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Superhappyjen said...

I like the part where you said I was an amazing friend. You are a good friend too. I'm so glad we are not alone.