6 Weeks!

I'm officially 6 weeks yesterday!

I Have been SO TIRED. I nap whenever I can. I go to sleep, wake up, empty my bladder, eat somthing, drink somthing, go back to sleep.

If I don't sleep, or I get woken, I get weepy I've burnned through a few tissue boxes. It's not over anything in particular, purly hormonal. Although the new theme seems to be my lack of courage. My new hobby seems to be doubting myself! - this is going to have to change-

When I start getting weepy, I feel so separate from everyone, lonley, and like I'm bad for not truly apreciating this gift given to us.I feel almost cowardly. Then when I went over to Jens house yesterday afternoon, she was all weepy too! ( sorry Jen for outing you on that) Sounds weird, but I'm glad I'm not the ony one crying. I'm nervous to be pregnant now, I don't know what to expect, how strong it will be, how fast or slow everything will seem to go. I guess this is normal for # 1.

I'm still happy to be pregnant. I definetly want a child,You never know what your syptoms will be. I guess this is going to be the rough part for me. Although if I don't get that "I loved being pregant " feeling. I may not try for # 2 if this is what I remember of my pregnancy. I couldn't do this chasing a todler! This is all consuming.

Anyway, I've eaten and Drank,emptied my bladder, - so it's back to bed with me!


Superhappyjen said...

You aren't cowardly Becca, you're one of the strongest people I know. It's normal to be nervous about stuff. I am. That doesn't mean you aren't appreciating being pregnant enough. Who wants to be pregnant? We tolerate it because that's how we get babies.

Instead of feeling bad that you're too cowardly. You should feel bad about being a name-stealer. ;)

~Becca~ said...

Thanks for your kind words Jen :)

I do feel really bad for my name- stealing friend :) Hopefully she will come to her sences and realize she just can't steal my name LOL!

No Really, great minds think alike, and although I will try to open the discussion with Drew about other names,It's been pretty set for the past 3 years

Who cares if we end up with children that share a name? It's not like you don't know other Jennifer's and I don't know other Rebecca's....