Who needs a nursury anyway??

This morning I woke up to my kitty Mocha being spastic at my door, she came into my room and starred at my ceiling as if something was there.

After my fog of sleepiness lifted, I heard what she was so focused on. It sounds as if a squirrel has decided a nest in our attic to avoid the chilly weather

Times like this, I'm often glad we rent, it isn't REALLY my problem and the property management will deal with it.

So I called George, our super. He said he could come over later in the day and check it out and see if he needed the contractors involved.

When he arrived to peek in our attic with a flashlight to see what he could see. he needed access through Amelia's closet. Now you need to understand Her closet is VERY well stocked with all her cloth diapers, all the medicines, changing creams bathroom stuff, all her clothes toys etc - basically everything a baby might need in their first year. There is not one inch of space wasted in that closet.Also, while I'm not the most neat freak there is - I DO have a deep appreciation for organization in my living space, so I have spent quite sometime making that closet what I need it to be.

While George was up there with his head in the attic, he couldn't see much with his flash light, and in an attempt to be thorough, took one foot off the ladder and meant to rest it on a shelf to give him better leverage to look a wee bit further.

Well he misjudged the weight he should bear and down he came, and so did EVERYTHING in our closet. Every shelf was knocked down and all the brackets warped.

It must have been quite the fall. I was worried about George, George was worried about the mess, and profusley sorry.

In his haste to try to fix some of it- stepped on a bottle of grape seed oil I use for her skin after her baths- and yup- that went all over the floor too.That poor man though is probably going to be pretty sore tomorrow. You can't fall like that and not have some pulled muscles.

Poor George felt so bad and just kept making the mess worse in his haste to fix it, I told him just go home and rest himself.( before he slipped in the oil)

I tried tackling the mess myself, but there was just too much going on, so my mom popped by as back up. An extra adult between 2 kids, dinner being made, the mess and the craziness of the evening goes so much further.I'm glad she was here as the job would have easily taken 3 times as long without her.

So for now, the mess is out of the closet, I need new shelf brackets - they are all twisted and warped.

I won't be putting it all back together until the contractors assess ( they will be in and out of the attic) Yes I'm frustrated I can't really have a functional nursery for hopefully just this week - But I'll survive.

I managed to snap a pic mid way through clean up attempts, I laid newspaper over some of the oil to stop it from spreading about. not that it helped that much Oil is tracked all through the house.


Someone remind me to post an after pic when it's all cleaned up?

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Columbia Thorndale said...

Scream. Wow that's worse then I pictured.