This morning at 6:30 we were all awoken by the sudden and sharp cries of my son screaming “Chickeeeeeeeen NEED CHICKEN!!”

A little disgruntled at it being morning I realized I wouldn’t be going BACK to sleep at this point I told him. “we don’t eat chicken nuggets in the morning, but we can have cereal, or waffles or yogurt”

He continued to wail.

I Hadn’t fed him chicken nuggets in at least 2 weeks, they are a favorite food of his. I got them for him last night for dinner, he had been eating like a horse yesterday, and in times of other growth spurts and eating frenzies, chicken has been requested at 2 in the morning.

Now I was now regretting giving him chicken nuggets for dinner, some of his foods form a one food obsession. My day was starting with the stress of breaking him of his addiction and dealing with the aftermath of a toddler coming detoxing off his favorite food.

He continued to wail … for chicken.

He paused mid wail and coherently stated “ Where chicken go?” I told him “ You ate it for dinner last night, it went in your tummy – He said “ No THAT chicken – NEED . HUG. CHICKEEEEEEEEEEEEN!!!!!” and broke down in sobs again.

It dawned on me – maybe he didn’t wake up hungry for food….. maybe he’s just annoyed he woke from a good dream.

“Aedan, did you dream a chicken?”

“ YES! Where gooooooo??? “ he was now controlling his sobs and wore a huge pout , snotty nose, and his eyes were welled up with big fat tears.

I had to tell him it was a dream, The chicken wasn’t real, it was like playing a video in his head when he sleeps. I told him it looks and feels real, but it was just a dream.

I have to wonder if all those other times he woke screaming for chicken in these past months was for food , or if this chicken is a frequent guest of his in his dreams, but he didn’t have the language to express them.

I comforted him by telling him he can visit his chicken at night time and in naps.

That calmed him right down , and he started to tell me his Chicken was Red, it played trains with him, he hugged it, he pet it, it played in his play kitchen with him, and he cuddled it in bed. He showed me it was as tall as his waist, its name was “Happy” and it said “O buck o buck o buck” ( different from farm chickens that say “Bock bock bock”

I was startled from my bed this morning, but I sit in awe again, of my boy , he dreams, he talks, he loves. I’m amazed at how he has grown.

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Michella said...

My husband and I read this together and were howling. What a sweet and funny discovery for the two of you. As we await the arrival of our little girl, we love these little "slices of life" from your home and heart. There are so many experiences of which to look forward!