Aedan's Newest toy!

Seriously - if you don't already - consider buying anything you "need" used from classified ads.

It's a goal of mine to not buy things new if I can help it.It takes a bit more effort, and patience, as well as planning. But It reduces waste, saves you money, makes someone else some pocket change and gets something out of their basement.

I keep a list of "wish list items" and a list of items that may need replacing in the next year due to wear and tear. I search classified ads such as kijiji , craigs list, and my local freecycle group almost daily.

and recently on kijiji, we found a wish list item for Aedan for only $75. A train table, with storage baskets underneath.track, the round house, bridges and trains. Anything plastic that you see on the table Aedan had already - the rest is from our kijiji find... and there is still tones of track and structure in the bins underneath not pictured.


I think Aedan is going to have a tonne of fun!
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