Thomas the Train.

Aedan has a toy train set that we got him at Christmas time, the trains and tracks are all interchangeable with the Brio and Thomas systems ... and I did manage to get this whole system under $20

He loves it and plays with it ALL-THE-TIME!

Well the other day a kids channel got left on and a Thomas the train episode played.

Aedan was shreiking and near tearing his Face off with excitement!

THEN we were at Chapters today and they had the whole set up, all the trains ect... He sat there playing with trains with for about an hour, I'm SURE he remembered the show. We did keep reminding him to put the trains down anytime he wanted to wander closer to other kids or other toys that were set out. He got that they weren't his and thats the way it was.

But then we wandered past the big display selling all the different trains.

He flipped out with excitement again, shrieking and grabbing the ones on the low shelf off, He's been to stores with me to pick out toys on his own... he understood these ones were for sale to bring home.

He had a James in his hand, the one from the episode, he recognized it over and above the other trains... then WE saw the price !?!?!?!?!?!?

Any single train we could have got him was more than the whole set I got him for Christmas... UNBELIEVABLE!!!


DH and I were debating any purchase at all... ad then Aedan started begging by signing wildly "HELP, HELP, PLEASE HELP PLEASE PLEASE THANK YOU PLEASE LOVE LOVE LOVE HELP HELP PLEASE LOVE THANK YOU PLEASE THANK YOU"

He hardly has words and he was BEGGING through sign.

I decided this could be daddy's choice

Daddy chose a Thomas train ( instead of James) that came paired along with a video, because you know, fueling this expensive obsession will help our pocket book.

I brought Aedan up to the front of the store and stood him on the counter, he thrust his box set in the face of the very amused cashier. I gave Aedan the money to give her, she gave me the change back.

As she passed the box back to Aedan he took the box and pointed down at her bags and said "ah-ah-ah- ah" indicating she didn't give him a bag for his new toy.

She placed it in the bag and gave him the bag. He now sat down on her counter took his box out of the bag and asked her to open it by pointing at the tape and saying "help"

There was no one else in line and really this excited bossy little 16 month old was just too amusing... she was more than happy to open the box for him.

It's been about 2 hours and Aedan has barely put his train down and has already watched his whole video.

To say Aedan likes trains would be an understatement.

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