Being a mom and being sick is the worst... We got the flu here, it struck us down one by one it's been about 10 days of illness here.

Poor Aedan got it first. His first day was throwing up, several times, while I tried to keep him hydrated and rested. Of course being mommy, I was deemed "catcher" every time he got sick, that also means, I had full on exposure and the countdown began until I too would be sick, and all I hoped was that he would be over it when I got struck down.

Aedan's second day, I thought he was over it, He was fussy, and sleepy, but easy to handle and easy to comfort... I was wrong.

Day three was the worst. He started getting runny diapers hourly, and cramped so bad he could barely sleep more than 20 minutes here or there and wake up in pain again. In a 24hour period he got maybe 3 hours of sleep. Andrew offered to stay home that day to help me. I told him no - go to work, it would only be a matter of time before he or I got sick, and thats when we would really need him home.

After 24 hours of illness we procured kaopectite to firm up what was going on on his insides to give my poor tortured babe a break. It isn't recommended to give this sort of thing to a young babe, but I weighed sleep, healing sleep, ahead of flushing the bug fast. It worked withing 5 minutes! His cramps stopped, his poop stopped and I declared this simple pharmaceutical a miracle as I too went down for a rest. We "napped" for about 5 hours and at 10:45 the medicine had worn off and my babe was up gassy and crampy again.

The smell of the gas made me VERY nautious... by 11:00 I was puking - and Andrew??? still at work for 2 more hours - Suck!

I had that energy you get after vomiting in which I tried to calm Aedan down again, nurse him, I tried to go without that medicine as he had some rest and we really needed the bug out. As I was nursing him, the Nausea crept back up again and I found myself huddling over our toilet as my baby cried. It was horrible. I started trying to call Andrews Cell to let him know I was sick, if he could get off early I needed him. He works in a call center and it's impossible to get through during regular business hours, the chances of getting through at night were slim.

It got to the point where the smell of my babes skin, the warmth of his body, and the sound of his voice just all made me more and more nautious and worked up those reflexes even more. By the time Andrew came home I was a limp rag and our baby was so worked up worried for himself, wondering what was wrong with mommy, and just plain needing sleep.

Andrew himself had had maybe only 3 hours of sleep in something over 24 hours and I'm sure was only thinking to crawl into bed.

He really stepped up. Poor Aedan only wanted me and Andrew did his best to help Aedan and not take his cries as rejection. We played musical beds me trying to sleep on the basement couch - living room couch, - then not having enough time to get to a place to empty myself , while Aedan and Andrew would take to a separate floor so the sounds of his cries and the smells of his bum wouldn't aggravate me anymore.

All the while I was just trying to keep some gravol down and keep hydrated so I would be able to Nurse Aedan when he needed.

By 5 AM we decided me in our regular bed and Andrew and Aedan taking up camp on the main floor was the best arrangement

At 5 Am the Gravol finally stayed down and I started my fitful gravol-sickness induce hallucinogenic dreaming - Waking occasionally to take sips of water, wich somehow managed to keep refilling itself( thank you Andrew )

Sometimes when I woke, I would hear Aedan crying downstairs, I wanted to go to him so badly, Id get up and weakness and dizziness would get the better of me and lay back down. I wanted to cry - I was too weak. So I repeated the mantra the best thing I can do for Aedan is sleep, the best thing I can do for Andrew is sleep, The best thing I can do for me is sleep, I need to sleep to get better.... - back into my hallucinogenic dreams I would go.

It was ugly.

Finally at about 4 in the afternoon I woke up, the gravol would have been long worn of, I wasn't nautious, the babe wasn't crying, I leaned over, sipped my water and didn't feel dizzy - I stood up , I was damn weak, and still tired - but I needed to rejoin my family.

I took me and my "just in case bucket" downstairs to see a dog tired Andrew and a beaming happy baby open his arms and come flying at me. It felt so good to hug him.

The next day was a tonne better for me... then of course thats when Andrew started to get sick. He's finally on the mend himself, and it's about Airing, cleaning and disinfecting the house now.

This was hard! but we got through it and I'm so proud we did. Now to avoid getting sick again... hmmm , no more play dates .....

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