Aedan plays hide and seek

I let Aedan play on our living room carpet while I get stuff done while I'm in the livingroom, folding laundry, sort papers play on the lap top ect.

I walked out of the room 2 MAYBE 3 min to get a snack and when I came back in Aedan wasn't there.

"OH MY GOD... Wheres My baby!!!"

We live on a busy street and I occasionally worry that someone might walk in the house... take the baby... you know that irrational paranoid worry that's ingrained in every mom.The mom paranoia makes me always keep the doors locked.

So, naturally the first thing I did was run to the front door to check that it was still locked.

Thankfully it was, but I've still lost my baby.

I was near loosing it while I went back to the room and I heard "mama" back toward the living room... or maybe was it the dining room.

I get in there I can't see him or hear him... Am I loosing it??

Then I hear it again, "mama" ,very muffled.

He was UNDER the couch under the skirt of the couch.


I've never felt so worried over something so ridiculous... and probably should have been obvious.

Moral of the story?? The irrational panic has to be shelved and my life of being a mother of a mostly immobile baby will eventually come to an end, baby proofing must begin.

- I think I'll start by taking the legs off the couch.

Solids ... yuck!

They arn't going so well... Aedan isn't really a fan of them.

We are taking a break from trying anything right now and I'm coming back trying a new theory of baby's first foods called "baby led weaning" that doesn't use any puree's ect. Here is a website with a quick overview

And here is how solid feeding is going so far... with almost any food we've tried.

6 months old!

Time has just flown! I can't believe my little boy is already 6 months old. He has so much personality now, seems to have his own sence of humor and can predict whats going on next by observing us - one of his favorite hobby's is people watching.

He squeels with glee, has full blown belly laughs, an infectious smile. Hes grown so tall and so strong at over 22 lbs now. His eyes are still vivid blue,has a facination with other babies and children, all my mirrors are coverd in wonderful baby finger prints.

He gives hugs and kisses and misses us when we are gone. When holding him in a cradle hold he is too long to stay cuddles securely in your arms and instead has a limb or two outstretching from your body.

Over this past month he has learned to clap. He does it to ask for singing, or just when he is so overcome with happiness. Its so cute to see him smile so big his cheeks squish his eyes into little half moons as he so great fully celebrates with his little chubby hands and fingers coming together.

He is a pro at sitting on his own and is beginning to push himself back up if he falls sideways. He is not showing many signs of wanting to be mobile, but he is learning to be a bit bossy as he sits there with an outstretched arm and hand as he forcefully yells "AHHHHH AHH AHH AHH" at an object till someone else gets it for him.

He is learning to pull up, he has always loved standing. And if it were his choice, he'd spend hours jumping in his jumper.

Our little boy is growing so fast. It's unbelievable.